Cost of Care

     We work on the patient’s behalf. Our entire business is built around providing patients the best quality dental care available. In our practice, that means a lot - thorough examinations; proactive approaches to maintain optimal hygiene; knowledgeable, caring, highly-trained staff to assist in your experience; a beautiful, clean, comfortable facility; state-of-the-art technology; and an extraordinary dentist that believes in utilizing the highest quality materials and most effective treatments to keep your smile healthy, beautiful and pain-free for many years to come!

     Practicing dentistry this way has many benefits and clearly offers the best opportunity for quality, patient-centered care. However, it can also be expensive. We are unwilling to use inferior products, technologies and dental laboratories to cut costs. Our services are priced to cover these costs, yet keep fees reasonable and affordable for the vast majority of patients. We are proud to offer our patients several means of lowering the cost of dental treatment!

     For patients fortunate enough to have dental insurance, we are happy to submit claims on your behalf for any dental insurance plan benefits you may be eligible for.  Although our office may be considered “out-of-network” by your insurance company, we welcome you to the office and can assure you that most standard insurance (PPO) plans will cover a substantial portion of the cost of your dental care. For most dental treatment, some out-of-pocket expense is likely (as would be the case with “in-network” providers too!). This allows us to be fully transparent with our costs and ensures that your insurance company doesn't get to dictate the quality of care you  receive. You choose what works for you! We are confident that any out-of-pocket cost is offset by the level of care you receive. 

     For patients without dental insurance coverage, a cost-saving program that completely covers the cost of preventative care and provides a discount on further treatment may be available through our office membership plan. The premise is simple. Plan members pay an annual fee. In exchange for your loyalty as a patient and participation in the plan, we try to return the favor by offering the same exemplary services we are known for at a huge discount.

     Patients may be eligible for financing options as well. We work closely with third-party companies, such as CareCredit, to help put the smile you deserve in financial reach. We always help you look for low- or no-interest options to make care affordable to you. Many times we are able to spread payments out over time. We look forward to seeing you in the office and helping you understand and choose the best option to make world-class dental care more affordable and attainable in your individual situation!