With significant additional training in cosmetic dentistry, veneers, complex restorative dentistry, full-mouth reconstruction, lasers, and Invisalign, Dr. Polman and his staff leverage the latest technology to make your dream smile a reality!

Comprehensive General Dentistry





*Root Canals





*Tooth Replacement (bridges, implants, partial dentures)

Cosmetic Dentistry




*Ceramic Crowns 


TMJ/Joint, Muscle, and Bite Treatments

*Comprehensive Evaluations of Occlusion (bite), Muscles, and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) 

*Customized Occlusal Splints

*Orthodontic Treatment

*Occlusal Equilibration (balancing and improving bite) 

*Muscle Relaxing Therapies

*Restorative Dentistry

Modern Technology to Make Treatment More Effective and Easier on You!

*Same-Day Crowns - one visit and no temporary!

*Digital Scanner - no messy impression material!

*Lasers - gentle tools that may eliminate the sound of the drill, help sculpt gum tissue, and improve treatment results!

*Platelet-Rich Fibrin - using "the good stuff" (like proteins and growth factors) in your own blood to achieve incredible healing!

*3-D Printer - improved materials, quicker turnaround time, precision fit!

*Intraoral Cameras - you see what we see!

*Digital X-rays - quick, clear and safe images!

*Electronic Charts - thorough documentation easily accessible!

*CBCT (3-D X-ray) - see your entire jaw like never before. Less waiting for a problem to become worse, more proactive minimally invasive treatment!